Doctoral Thesis Achievement Award

$1000 Prize

The Circle of Hellenic Academics in Boston invites nominations for its Doctoral Thesis Award for excellence in thesis research in a Doctoral Program in a US or Canadian University. This year, the Circle will give two awards: one in the Mathematical Sciences, Natural Sciences, or Engineering; and one in the Humanities or Social Sciences. Nominations, fulfilling the requirements described below should be received by April 16, 2018. The awards will be presented at the Circle’s annual banquet in 2018.


This award is for outstanding research achievement as part of a Doctoral Thesis which was completed and defended between the dates of July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2017 in a US or Canadian University. The nominee must be a Greek or Cypriot citizen or the daughter/son or grandson/granddaughter of a Greek or Cypriot citizen or former such citizen. The nomination process is electronic.


A nomination may be made by the thesis advisor or someone intimately familiar with the nominee's doctoral thesis work. The following items must be emailed as separate or combined PDF files to the addressee below: 1) the nomination letter, 2) PDF copies of up to three publications emanating from the doctoral thesis, 3) the abstract of the doctoral thesis, 4) one or, preferably, two supporting letters from referees who are

knowledgeable about the performed research (the nominee or the nominator should secure the transmission of such letters), 5) a curriculum vitae of the nominee, and 6) proof1 of Hellenic descent.

Nomination and supporting letters should be written so that they are readable by an interdisciplinary committee of other academics who are not specialists in the research field of the nominee.


  1. The judges, members of the Circle of Hellenic Academics, will consider originality, significance, quality, and other criteria of excellence normally accepted in evaluations of scientific work.
  2. The nominee's potential and promise as a future researcher/scholar will be given special consideration.

Please email PDF files to:

Dimitris Bertsimas
Massachussetts Institute of Technology

DEADLINE: ALL nomination and supporting material must be received by April 16, 2018.

Download Doctoral Thesis Achievement Award Announcement (pdf)

1 Acceptable proof of Hellenic descent: A signed statement by the candidate declaring that he/she, or his/her parent or grandparent holds or held Greek or Cypriot citizenship. A copy of an appropriate official document, such as a passport or identity card, supporting the candidate's declaration should also be submitted along with the signed statement.