The Circle of Hellenic Academics in Boston is a non-profit Corporation serving academics of Hellenic descent or with professional association with Hellenic Culture & Affairs who are currently employed or have been employed as Faculty by an Institution of Higher Education and who promote the pursuits of research, education, mentoring and academic excellence in their profession.

Specific objectives of the Circle include:

  • Gathering of its members around social and, most importantly, intellectual events so that they become better acquainted in ways that are informative, intellectually rewarding, and socially enjoyable.
  • Facilitating and advancing understanding of current interest issues by organizing lectures and/or panel discussions.
  • Networking with Hellenic graduate and undergraduate students in North America, Greece or the Diaspora, and provide advice, help and mentoring.
  • Establishing and managing scholarships to recognize excellence in graduate and undergraduate students with ties to Hellenism who aspire to challenging careers, and organize fundraising tasks for this purpose.
  • Interacting and cooperating, as appropriately, with Institutions and Organizations espousing Hellenic interests

Organizers / Incorporators

Christos Georgakis, PhD
Tufts University
Philip Serafim, PhD
Northeastern University
Gregory Stephanopoulos, PhD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
S. Alexander Mitsialis, PhD
Harvard University